The Distribution of the Certified Rice Seeds for 2021 Rice Growing Season

As the official told of IRIB- Guilan Province Center and Mehr news agency, about 2200 tons in Guilan province and 1400 tons in Mazandaran province of the certified seeds of superior rice cultivars, Hashemi,bTarom, Shirodi, Fajr, Anam, Guilaneh, Tisa, Rash and newly released rice varieties, Guilar and Toloe under the supervision of the Rice Research Institute of Iran (RRII) are set for distribution to rice farmers this rice-growing year (2021), according to Mr. Akabarzadeh, Agronomy Office, Jihad-e Agriculture Organization of Guilan Province.

Director-General of Jihad- e Agriculture Organization of Guilan province,  Director- General of RRII, Director- General of Agricultural support services center, some of the experts, and the rice farmers attended the ceremony of The Distribution of the Certified Rice Seeds which was held in the agricultural support services center on Feb. 14, 2021, Rasht, Guilan. “Certified seed is high in genetic purity, high in germination and vigor, and of good quality (i.e., free from disease and from damaged or immature seed)”, Director General of RRII, Dr. Hossieni said.

She also pointed out that the purity of the certified seeds is more than 98%, and therefore, by using them the rice productivity per unit will improve, and rice production will increase considerably (by about 9 to 15%, according to rice market statistics). The higher percentage of white rice, lower weed seeds, lower labor costs for weeding, higher price per kilogram of white rice, and consequently higher income for rice farmers are the most important benefits of using the rice certified seeds.

Director-General of RRII, Dr. Hossieni stressed: I hope by increasing the use of certified rice seeds even more yearly, we cover the global standard.”

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