Scientific Relations & International Affairs Office (SRIAO)

Scientific Relations and International Affairs Office (SRIAO)

Islamic Republic of Iran as a part of the global rice production system faces multiple complex challenges such as rapid population growth rate; land and water scarcity; and climate change. In spite of homemade and imported technology by the public and private sectors, it is clear that such complex challenges will rarely be solved by simple solutions and without international collaboration. For us and in our future research strategies, strong relationship with IRRI, JICA, KOICA and other international – regional centers (such as SWA rice) is an opportunity to open a new window to international capacities of rice-based cropping system research and development. The SRICO was established with a view to centralizing aspects of RRII’s international and scientific program.

Field of activities
  • Identifying international cooperation opportunities to expand RRII,s research status
  • Exploiting international, technical and scientific cooperation to develop solutions for rice based cropping system problems within the RRII mandates
  • Updating the RRII researches and experts through international technical and scientific cooperation, including their participation in short-term and medium-term educational courses and international conferences and meeting
  • Applying and renewing RRII,s membership of the relevant international societies
  • Benefiting from international technical and scientific support to run educational course, workshops, and projects
  • Recognizing and Encouraging overseas students and researches to conduct their research at RRI
  • Preparing and operating three years program of SIRCO
  • Two RRII,s academic members participated in new technology programs during a two weeks visit to Japan