Five different Technical departments of RRII target to research and develop rice new technologies to overcome rice sector constraints, thereby contributing national food security (rice as second strategic staple crop), promoting food safety, protecting rice natural ecosystems and resources, and increasing and enhancing national self- sufficiency in rice production. With respect to these aims, scientific staff of the institute consists of acknowledged experts in their fields and include more than 50 researchers holding Ph.D. and MSc degrees, and their researches have a measurable impact on various sections of rice -based cropping systems both within the country and more widely in CWA- rice regions. The research activity sections of RRII have been organized in for research departments and its headquarters, namely:

The RRII, headquartered in Rasht, Guilan province, Iran, has an independent deputy (with same departments) in Amol, Mazandaran, Iran. It previously had offices in the 16 rice -growing provinces.