Deputy of Research

Kobra Tajaddodi Talab, Assistant Professor of Food Engineering (Ph.D.), Rice Research Institute of Iran (RRII), Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization (AREEO)
Research Interests: Rice Post- Harvest, Drying Technology, Value-added processing of rice and rice by-products



P.O. Box:

Rice Research Institute of Iran, Persian Gulf Highway, Rasht, Iran

Recent Publications:

  1. K. Tajaddodi Talab; F. Alipanah and A. Shahidi. 2020. Effect of steaming on bending strength and milling quality of high yield rice variety. Food Engineering Research. 19: 43- 56. In Persian with English Abstract.
  2. K. Tajaddodi Talab and F. Habibi. 2019. Compare the quality and minerals of Hashemi rice variety with different whiteness and their acceptability by consumers. Food Engineering Research.18: 65- 78. In Persian with English Abstract.
  3. K. Tajaddodi Talab and F. Habibikia. 2016. Milling and pasting properties of local and newly introduced rice cultivars; impacted by drying and milling system. Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal. 18: 2011- 221.
  4. Z. Yousefi; H. R. Gazor; K. Tajaddodi Talab; A. Gholiyan and M. Yonesi. 2016. Investigation on drying kinetic, effective diffusivity coefficient and activation energy in shelled hazelnut (corylus avellana) drying process. 15th International conference on Food Processing & Technology. Rome, Italy.
  5. M. N. Ibrahim; K. Tajaddodi Talab; S. Spotar; R. A., Talib and K. Muhammad. 2013. Effects of airflow reversal in fixed – bed drying of rough rice on head rice yield and drying performance. Transactions of the ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers). 56: 1485- 1493.